Industry Leader in Soybeans.

Quarry Seed leads the industry in Western Canada in providing unbiased, third party data from soybean and corn trials across the west! We are proud to offer very specific data that concentrates on the agronomics behind soybean production. The data helps to ensure our dealers are making the best recommendations possible to growers.Over the last 10 years, Quarry Seed has established the foundation for some of the most dependable data possible. This allows us to work to ensure all soybean producers across Western Canada have the best chances of producing ‘top end’ yields.


Quality Research. Quality Products.

Behind our extensive agronomic research program we are backed by Thunder Seed with an amazing soybean lineup for Western Canada.Quarry Seed has taken a very active approach to test the Thunder Seed soybean lineup against the top competitors in the industry. Our goal is to prove the outstanding performance of our soybean lineup! We plan to continue our long term trials and continue to be in the forefront for testing new products being released into the soybean industry.Any growers in Western Canada growing Thunder Seed varieties, backed with Quarry Seed’s agronomic packages, can be assured that they are striving to grow the best soybean crop possible!


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