We Are Your Agronomic Experts


Making crop decisions is becoming more difficult in these challenging times, with the marketplace offering products that are not tested and proven under our Western Canadian conditions. Rely on
Quarry Seed’s research and knowledge to gain the upper hand on your farm.


Quarry Seed is responsible for testing and assessing new seed varieties, seed multiplication and logistical disbursement throughout Western Canada. Quarry Seed spends considerable time and money in agronomic trials (approximately 8 – 10 replicated trials) throughout Western Canada to help develop a complete package for the growers. 



Some of the agronomic trials are:

1.  Seeding Rates

2.  Systemic Seed Treatments

3.  Various Inoculants and Combinations of Inoculants

4.  Fertility

5.  Fungicides

6.  Herbicides

7.  Growth Promoters


Quarry Seed strives to “properly place product” with each grower, whether it’s the best choice of seed or the agronomy surrounding it, we look at the whole package.




Making Great Seed Better


Quarry Seed is Western Canada’s premier seed distributor focusing on exclusive soybean genetics as well as added value crop inputs. We offer the best varieties in the industry exclusive to our dealer network, and combined with the most innovative inputs, we can provide the grower with the highest returns. Our extensive third party replicated plot trials and strip trials prove again and again that our dealers can offer optimal solutions for soybean production.


Prograin is Canada’s premier soybean seed breeder, with some of the earliest soybean genetics in the world. Their expertise, especially in research, makes them a world leader in soybeans, and Prograin is poised to be a dominant force in Western Canada. Starting in 2017, Prograin will be introducing new exceptional climate-suitable genetics into the Western Canada marketplace. Quarry Seed is proud to be their marketing and distributing partner.




Our Partners


Added value products enhance your yields and protect against the factors that might diminish your returns. Quarry Seed offers a tried and true lineup of added value products that pay for themselves in increased yields due to superior nodulation, disease resistance, and increased vigor. Quarry Seed is a leader in field testing of these products, and your local dealer can outline the benefits of adding these to your seeding and fertilizing regimen.



CruiserMaxx Vibrance


Cruiser Maxx Vibrance Beans Is an insecticide and fungicide seed treatment combination that offers growers advanced protection from insects such as soybean aphid, seed corn maggot, wireworms, European chafer and bean leaf beetle. Cruiser Maxx Vibrance Beans also offers protection from seed and soil borne diseases such as damping-off, seedling blight, seed rot, and early root rot.






PreCede Soybean Achieving the maximum genetic potential means providing the essential nutrients right from the start, by applying PreCede – Seed Nutrient Dressing – in tandem with a seed treatment and inoculant.

ReLeaf Soybean is an early season complete foliar nutrient product to be combined with your herbicide pass that gives your crop a second opportunity to drive rooting and support nodulation.

42PHI Soybean is a complete foliar nutrient product to be applied at flowering with your fungicide that provides the essential nutrients at their peak demand period to increase flowering and pollination while protecting against biotic threats.

Heads Up is a biological registered by PMRA and applied with other seed applied products and used on Soybeans. Headsup is used to control Rhizoctonia root rot, SDS, Damping Off and White Mold in Soybeans.

Soygreen is the most effective iron fertilizer in agriculture – (6% Fe) developed for soybeans suffering from Iron deficiency chlorosis (IDC). Used In furrow or early foliar application, more effective in furrow.






XiteBio® SoyRhizo® Is a premium liquid innoculant for soybean, applied on-seed or in-furrow. Powered by Advanced Growth Promoting Technology (AGPT), SoyRhizo provides consistent performance across growing conditions. All-in-one packaging, 64 days on-seed survivability, and two year shelf life allow for easier handling.

XiteBio® PulseRhizo® Is a premium liquid inoculant for pea, lentil and faba bean, applied on-seed or in-furrow. Powered by Advanced Growth Promoting Technology (AGPT) PulseRhizo provides consistent performance across growing conditions. All-in-one packaging and 48 hours on-seed allow for easier handling.